How to Ride

Thank you for choosing Link Transit! The following guidelines will ensure all passengers and operators have a pleasant ride while using our services.

Waiting for the Bus

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes early.
  • Each bus stop sign is identified with the route color name. When waiting for the bus, stand at the nearest bus stop sign.
  • Link Transit buses only stop at Link Bus Stop signs/locations.
  • Each bus is identified by the route color name located on a digital display on the front and side of the bus.
  • Do not approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop.

Entering Link Transit Vehicles

  • Stand back to allow riders to exit the bus before you board.
  • JWelcome aboard the bus as Link Transit is fare free! No need to pay a fare.  Just take a seat.
  • Priority Seating for persons with disabilities has been designated. Other passengers are asked to allow senior citizens and persons with disabilities to sit in this area, even if it means that other passengers are required to change seats or to stand.


  • Boarding and leaving the bus is at your own risk, please make wise choices based upon your mobility level. The next stop may be more accessible than the current stop.
  • Video surveillance cameras are in use on every Link Transit bus for your safety.
  • Take your seat as soon as possible.
  • Do not change seats unless absolutely necessary.
  • Children are not permitted to ride in strollers while on the bus. In addition, strollers must be closed and stowed safely while on the bus.
  • Mobility devices utilized by passengers must be secured in the Priority Seating area while on the bus.
  • All Link Transit buses  are equipped to accommodate 2 bicycles. Load bicycles onto the front of bus prior to boarding.
  • Do not carry open cans, bottles, or food on the bus.
  • No smoking/vaping or alcoholic beverages allowed on Link Transit buses.
  • Do not use profanity on Link Transit buses.
  • Weapons are prohibited on Link Transit buses.
  • No items or conditions are permitted on the bus that may pose a health hazard for other riders or transit staff.
  • No disruptive behavior or abusive language will be permitted.
  • SHIRT and SHOES are REQUIRED when riding the bus.
  • Playing individual radios on the bus distracts the driver and other passengers. For this reason, individual radios, electronic games and equipment are prohibited on Link Transit buses unless used with headphones.

Exiting Link Transit Vehicles

  • Exit from the front door when leaving a Link Transit bus. Have all items with you and prepare for exit before the bus stops. This allows for orderly exits and helps to keep the bus on schedule.
  • Do not cross the street or walk in front or behind the bus until it has moved away from the bus stop.
  • Pull the cord located along the top of the bus to indicate to the driver that you would like to exit at the next available stop.
  • Persons with disabilities should request use of the ramp to exit at the front of the bus.

Link Transit Stops

  • Many Link Transit stops are located along the road, Link Transit stops are marked with bus stop signs. Each sign indicates the bus route color that is picked up at that location.

Lost and Found

  • If you think that you left something on a Link Transit bus please call (336) 222-LINK (5465) or email Unclaimed articles will be discarded after 10 days.