Bikes on Buses

Link BusEnjoy the convenience of taking your bike with you anywhere Link Transit goes. Explore areas you could never get to by bike alone. It’s an easy, safe and convenient way to combine your bike ride with a bus trip.

Whether you use your bike for transportation, recreation or to commute to work, Link Transit is just the ticket to extend your mobility. There is no charge for the service and no permit is required.

View the City of Burlington Bike Routes and Maps.

Follow these steps to load your bike onto the Link Transit bike rack:

  1. Unfold the rack to a horizontal position.
  2. Load the bike with the wheel on the side indicated on the rack instructions.
  3. Lift and extend the spring-loaded bar over the front wheel of the bike.
  4. Remember to remove your bike and fold up the rack when you complete your ride and exit the bus.


Bike Rack on Bus   Bike Rack instructions Step 1

Bike Rack horizontal position ready for loading bike   Bike Rack Spring-loaded bar to secure bike