How to Use Bus Tracking

Wondering where your bus is? Track it live with our real-time bus tracking system powered by GMV Syncromatics!

Use it to instantly locate your bus no matter where they are. View their current routes and get arrival countdowns for any of the bus stops.

Need more info? Turn on the map overlay to see streets and landmarks. 

Powered by GMV Syncromatics, this service is available through your web browser at

Do you want to track your paratransit trip?  Visit My Transit Manager for details.

How to Track Your Bus (4 options):

Option 1. In your Web browser, type in

Option 2. To get the app:
– Visit the iOS App Store or Google Play store.
– Search for Transit or Moovit and install.
– In settings, select Link Transit as your system

Option 3. As a text:
Once you have your stop number, send "LINK <stop>" to 41411, where <stop> is the stop number you're interested in getting arrival information for. You will not receive any unsolicited text messages.

Option 4. As an interactive voice response:
You can call 336-429-5465 and input the three digit bus stop number. It will give you an automatic announcement with the next bus times and any service alerts.

What’s my bus stop number?
Bus stop numbers are located on the round sign at each stop or look up your stop number. 

Note: Bus tracking website are free services, but uses data, cellular and text to send and retrieve bus information. Please refer to your data plan for usage information.